What is i-track suspension?

i-track suspension is a revolutionary patented suspension system that offers a rearward axle trajectory.

For the first time in bicycle history, a manufacturer has been able to offer this technology at a price-point that makes it accessible to the rider, without compromising on quality or performance. That manufacturer is Craftworks Cycles.

A rearward axle trajectory means the rear wheel can move out of the way of bigger square hits, allowing the bike to stay composed through the roughest terrain. But it doesn't just stop there. That same rearward axle trajectory also means that on smoother terrain, the rider's inputs for pumping/jumping/cornering are oblique to the axle path, and aren't 'swallowed up' by the suspension. The result is a playful ride when you want it, and a compliant ride when you need it.

The progressive leverage ratio allows superb small bump compliance, but ramps up to provide good mid-stroke support. The result is a suspension system that maintains ultimate control, traction and contact with the terrain.

Gone are the days of needing heavy damping just to control the pedalling behaviour. The highly tuned anti-squat characteristics make for an incredibly stable platform, meaning you don't have to worry about upsetting the balance when you put the power down. It also means you can climb back to the top of the hill more efficiently, so you can do it all again!

All the benefits of so many suspension designs, in one package, with no compromises. That's the i-track difference.