See the ENR in action.

Craftworks Cycles, with the i-track suspension system, delivers the trifecta to mountain bikers all over the world. Simply put, the ENR's patented rearward axle trajectory means you get:

  1. Unrivaled small-bump compliance
  2. Unparalleled big-hit Performance
  3. An incredibly stable pedalling platform.
To get a little more technical for the gear-heads out there, i-track is super active and supple early in the stroke at what is called the "sag point". So it naturally has the small-bump compliance of a bike that's been setup too soft (too much sag). However, because this occurs at the sag point (20%), it means there's still 80% of the bike's travel remaining for unparalleled big-hit performance.

Then there's the stable pedalling platform. This is achieved mechanically, rather than through excessive dampening of the rear shock - as is the case on many conventional designs. Pedal "bob" and pumping forces operate in a vertical direction, which is oblique to the rearward trajectory of the rear axle, and as a result, doesn't chew up much needed suspension travel while you're out of the saddle.

The result? Your shock can be set up to be much more active, giving you better traction in all aspects of riding. Better braking, better setup for corners and obstacles, better control through the rough stuff, better climbing and better control in the air. Almost sounds too good to be true, right?