A longer, slacker ENR... V1.1 is here.

A longer, slacker ENR... V1.1 is here.
You told us size does matter, so we listened, we went back to the drawing board, and we made the ENR better.

So what have we changed?

Put simply, the ENR V1.1 now has a new, longer, slacker geometry.

So how did a little Australian bike company do suspension better?

Ok, we admit it, it seems a little far fetched that a tiny little bike company out of Adelaide, South Australia, could reinvent the concept of suspension. But hey, when you think about it, a lot of the designs from over the years have come from fairly remote places that had a good history of biking - and guess what, Adelaide has just that.

See the ENR in action.

Craftworks Cycles, with the i-track suspension system, delivers the trifecta to mountain bikers all over the world. Simply put, the ENR's patented rearward axle trajectory means you get:
  1. Unrivaled small-bump compliance
  2. Unparalleled big-hit Performance
  3. An incredibly stable pedalling platform.

Craftworks Cycles The ENR is here.

Introducing the Craftworks ENR. The World's first, accessible rearward axle trajectory mountain bike, specifically designed for the enduro and all mountain rider.