Legacy - Craftworks Cycles Since 1996


DHR 1998 to 2004                 

The DHR series included the original, team series, 205 and 208, spanning the years from 1998 until 2004. The DHR offered high end downhill performance to the Australian market at an incredible value proposition compared to American equivalents.


FRM125 2001 to 2005

The FRM series spanned from 2001 until 2005 with unique progressive geometry that is now a mainstay of all mountain riding.


Rail 1998 to 2005

One of the crowd favorites, the rail was used for aggressive tail riding to DJ to hucking.  The Rail had a few iterations starting out as the Slalom pro.  


 S1 V1 2004 to 2006

With the evolution of shock technology at the time and riders wanting lighter yet still durable race bikes, the S1 was the solution. Lighter with great pedaling characteristics the S1 become the race bike of choice.

FRX V1 2008 to 2010

Following the direction of the S1, the FRX was the result of riders demanding lighter, however just as durable play bikes.  The FRX was the right combination of weight, durability and progressive geometry. At 13kg with a standard build kit, 140mm travel, the FRX was designed to be the bike we wanted to ride all day.

FRX V2 2010 to 2012

The FRX V2 was the evolution of the V1 with refinements and updates such as a tapered headtube and rear thru axle standard.  The rear travel was increased to 150mm, while decreasing the wheel rate with a longer stroke shock for increased rear end control.