Australian Online Dealer Strategy

We have changed the game to level the playing field for retailers..

Wholesalers and parent companies are allowing products to be sold through multiple avenues of sales, making for a very uneven playing field for retailers.

Commonly retailers are disadvantaged by products available direct online to consumer cheaper than they can buy from their wholesalers. To make matters worse, most retailers are forced into acting as virtual show rooms for online competitors – customers commonly inquire about products in store, try it on, have all their questions answered and then buy online elsewhere.

So what is Craftworks Cycles doing differently online to support local shops?

Our new online strategy protects dealers that have invested in our product and supports other customer preferred dealers.

Craftworks Sales Models – a fresh dealer network strategy

Wholesale Model – Craftworks Factory Dealer

Full margin on bikes and frames with COD and 30day terms – you have put your money where your mouth is and for that you get an advantage..

All our products have a RRP – of which we will not undersell online unless we have a global promotion in conjunction with our dealers. If the dealer still has stock on the floor purchased at the original wholesale at the time of the promotion, we can offer back the increased wholesale discount in rebate on a new model – this is how we can keep our entire product line up to date without anyone losing out.

Being a Craftworks Factory dealer provides a protected retail zone in your area from other competitors becoming factory dealers.

Online Sales Model - retailers receive a $$$ and a bike for not even creating the sale??

Yes. The shop just needs to deliver the bike assembled in store to the customer.

How it works

A customer has nominated that a dealer is a preferred shop when purchasing a Craftworks bike online.. The consumer orders and pays for the bike at Craftworks online and the bike gets shipped to the dealer to be assembled and delivered. The Factory dealer will get their full margin, while an agent will get a generous cut for providing this service.

Can the customer buy a bike direct from Craftworks Cycles online?

Yes they can – however they will pay the full RRP and the frame will come in one box and the parts in another.

A customer purchasing direct from Craftworks online will have the added cost of assembly and servicing. Dealers and agents have the advantage as they supply the product including assembly and servicing – a saving of over 10-20% compared buying direct online. From our surveys under 6% bike sales will be elected to be direct.

How do I become a factory dealer or agent?

A Craftworks Agent just simply needs to be a shop equipped to deal with high end products.

Craftworks Factory Dealer

If you are not in the zoning of another factory dealer you just need to invest in one complete bike that must be kept on display at all times.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about this sales strategy or would like to listed as a sales agent on our website simply contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for all the details.